The emergence of an idea

Usually everything happens at the moment when you are internally open to the world. When you are not afraid to voice your ideas. So I was overwhelmed with experience, desires and thoughts. After the birth of her daughter, there were even more of them. Like any mother, I wanted to give my baby the best. Having fallen in love with the name VARVARA, I wanted to create a brand consonant with it, but then, in 2018, I did not even think about creating children's cosmetics.

Varvara had chicks on her palms. And I asked our technologists to create several products for everyday care. And I had a place to go and an understanding of what I needed for my child, too. I have been developing and creating cosmetic brands for more than seven years. During this time, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge about the components, compositions and formulas of cosmetic products.
As a result, we managed to make a product that for several years pleased us with smooth skin without roughness and redness.

The name was already flying in the air and we already had proven products, and the concept came when I was ripe. One Saturday morning, my husband and I talked about the main points and laid down the main idea. It was June 16, 21. Our first conversation about the LoboVaVa brand.

First steps

"The whole philosophy of our business is based on the relationship between parents and children. I know the feeling of joy from talking with my mother, the desire to get more of her attention. This predetermined my relationship with my daughter and encouraged me to carry the idea to the masses."
Ekaterina Lobova, founder of the brand

Implementation stages

The use of natural ingredients helps to better and more carefully take care of delicate baby skin. Therefore, LoboVaVa brand cosmetics are 85% plant-based. We use only hypoallergenic components, natural essential oils and have abandoned dyes.

We strive to be as open as possible. Therefore, we indicate the information about the compositions in such a way that each mother can easily understand them and consciously make a purchase decision.


The safety of our products has been a top priority for us. There were many pitfalls on our way. The development of the formula took more time than more in the beginning. But, in the end, we got a technological achievement of achieving the goal - we got a worthy product that meets high quality and safety requirements, and, at the same time, perfectly copes with its tasks of identifying problems in a child and identifying them.

Natural and understandable ingredients

"In the Lobovava brand, I combined naturalness, the atmosphere of the game and care for the environment. I believe that the synergy of these concepts increases the benefits and pleasure of using products"
I believe that every little child is already a big person. In developing the packaging of our products, we turned to our little creators so that they themselves decide what the LoboVaVa brand will look like in the future. You can see the result of their creativity today on the labels of our products.

We are proud that the LoboVaVa brand has combined the views of loving parents, experienced technologists and our kids on what children's care cosmetics should be.

Children's packaging design

Game content

At LoboVaVa, we focus on the importance of games. After all, this is the main children's way of understanding the surrounding space and inclusion in the world of adults. And the task of parents is to help the kids in this. Bathing in the bath or applying moisturizers to the skin are moments of special closeness between Mother and Child, when they can open up to each other, strengthen their bond, share feelings, transfer knowledge and love. Through play, we can teach our children a lot and be a little child ourselves.

Caring for the environment

Respect for the environment is one of our top priorities. The quality of life of people in the future depends on how human activity will be in harmony with nature. And we, as a manufacturer, understand our responsible role in this matter.

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